Proven Tips to Make Conversion Rate High with Web Push Notification

As kids, how excited did we get when we received emails or letters in our name. It makes us feel valued. But over the time trends and patterns change. And from letters, we have shifted to digital emails and messages. The same is the case with personalized digital marketing strategies. The generic mass marketing methods are subsiding with each passing day. This brings in the need for better strategies to level up the marketing game. After all, marketing is the only sure-shot to bring in customer engagement, sales and growth of the business. There are ample strategies, and tactics followed by the marketers nowadays. In fact, precisely, there are only some common strategies but the way of implementation varies. And this measures the success and failure of implementation. The web push notifications are a substantial part of digital marketing strategies. These act as the re-engagement tactic for the users. The bottom line of all these strategies, ideas and plans is to deliver value to the customers over anything else.

Web Push Notification and It’s Elements

Over the past few years, the trend has tremendously shifted from computers to mobile phones. And mostly when you open up your mobile phone, you find the notification bar filled with notifications from downloaded apps and subscribed sites. We call these website push notifications. According to statistics, about 54% of the conversion takes place from the web push notifications. However, you just can’t send anything to the customers without relevance. And so, to customize these notifications better, one must understand its elements. The elements of the web app push notifications include:

  • Push title: It is like the heading which appears in bold. Consider an example. If the product is on offer, you can write “Exclusive discounts await you”. These are just 4-5 words precisely.
  • Website icon: It is important to add a small icon on the notification box to publicize your brand. The more the customers see the logo, the better they recognize it.
  • Push message: It is the main content of the notification. This push message should be concise and clear. You should deliver the content in a way that makes the customer inquisitive and excited about the notification.
  • Notification image: Adding an image on the content is always fancy. It garners more interest from the audience and delivers the message accurately.
  • CTA buttons: Call-to-action buttons are the most important part of the push notifications. These lead the customers to the main website or the product link. Without a CTA button, the notification is of no use. The example of CTA buttons includes, ‘Click Here’, ‘Buy Now’, etc.
  • Emoji: Most of the audience does not entertain super-formal notifications with just plain text. To avoid the monotony, why not add an emoji or two? After all, it is about the trends.

Web Push Notification

Benefits of Push Notifications for Users

The push notifications are not just limited to mere marketing strategies, but also offer several benefits to the users. They make visiting the website easier for users with just a few clicks. The list of benefits that the web push notification offer include:

  • It directs users to various social media platforms.
  • It allows the promotion of products through special offers and deals.
  • It acts as a major factor in building brand reputation and trust among the users.
  • They increase user engagement activity on the site.
  • For the e-commerce sites and apps, it helps in the restoration of abandoned carts.
  • They play a key role in the audience segmentation, easing out the process by leaps and bounds.

It offers massive benefits over other generic methods. But, whatever the case is, never overdo the tactic. This annoys the users leading to the customers unsubscribing from the website push notifications.

Pitfalls to Consider for Web Push Notifications

As good as this marketing strategy is, it has its own set of pitfalls. You must follow the right tactics and strategies to avoid missing out on any opportunity. To understand this better, here is a list of pitfalls that you must consider before opting for the push notifications strategy:

  • Avoid sending a batch of push notifications. It is not always an outstanding idea to continuously rain the notifications on the user. Try understanding the user’s behaviour and customize the tactic accordingly.
  • Consider the target demographic. You can’t send notifications of toys to adults looking for shoes. Segment the audience according to their on-site activity. Further, personalize and take actions for the targeted group of audience.
  • Avoid sending low-value information. It means maintaining the quality of content to keep up the brand reputation.
  • It’s just a matter of seconds to hit the bull’s eye. Wondering what this is about? Well, we as customers don’t spend even a complete minute to look at the notification if it is of no importance. This means you have just a few seconds to attract and engage the customer. Try appealing them in the best way possible.

However, one can overcome all these pitfalls easily if catered to the right way. All you need to do is to opt for the right strategies and tactics. The best part about push notifications is that you already have a filtered customer base. You just need to make the best out of them by attracting them to your site. For this, below are a list of strategies to follow.

Effective Strategies for Web Push Notifications

Effective Strategies for Web Push Notifications

Making an impact on the audience through digital strategies is quite a task. But there is always a way out. The push notifications are basically the second phase of marketing. It is after the customers have already visited the site or used it. You just need to re-engage the users through these website push notifications. For this, you can follow a list of effective strategies and tactics which include:

  • Opt-in optimization: It is mainly of two types: Single-step and two-step opt-in optimization. Only after the customer chooses for opt-in notifications, you can send the notifications. The single-step method for opt-in is preferred over the other. One key strategy to remember is, do not show the notifications as soon as the customer lands on the site. Allow the user to understand the site and then go for the option of notifications.
  • Content optimization: Whether it be a blog or just a notification, content is the leader. Keep it short and clear. Try building up inquisitiveness among the users. This allows the increase in sales of the business.
  • Segmentation: Not all users fall under the same umbrella. Everyone has their own set of preferences and requirements. To achieve high CTR, segment the audience based on several criteria. These include the user’s behaviour, customer action, on-site time among others. Segmentation also involves geo-targeting. It involves using the user’s first name and their target area for notification optimization.
  • Personalization: The key to the successful marketing strategy and engagement is personalization. It involves personalizing the notification with specific deals of the products viewed, abandoned cart, etc.
  • Importance of the campaign: It is the most important aspect and involves a list of several types of campaigns. They opt for these at various stages of sales and purchase for the customers. The campaigns include:
    • Deals of the day
    • Sales
    • Cart abandonment
    • Welcome notifications
    • Product review
    • Others according to the requirement
  • Timing and frequency: What exactly does timing refer to here? It means the time of sending the push notification. You can’t send notifications at night. Neither can you overload on these notifications? So, the most viable option is to track the user activity and send the notifications depending on the user.


To summarize, with all the features and crucial methods, you can put the push notifications to the right use. It is an excellent tool which helps in delivering value for the brand to the customers. Not that you can rely on only these tools and strategies, but these are the key tactics to get you going. You can even optimize the strategies depending on the brand and its marketing. It is a brilliant method to increase brand loyalty and customer sales. They act as the reopening communication channel for customer engagement. And so, if you are still dicey about brand marketing, push notifications have the way for you. The best way to use push notifications is by syncing the notifications with other marketing strategies and channels.

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