6 Steps to Save Money Shopping This Holiday Season

Being able to save money month after month is a habit that you must forge if you want to have stable finances. Of course we all have needs and requirements that cause us to use our money and we cannot change that fact. However, what we can do is use our cash in an efficient manner and not waste it. Saving is the first step to financial freedom. There are many ways to start saving without this necessarily implying sacrifice. You can register for online surveys or win gift cards and so much more. It is more about adapting to more conscientious consumerism and keeping our economic priorities clear.

Holidays are always a period of expenses, both for those who stay at home and for those who go on a trip.
That’s why here we give you six tips to save in this holiday season.

holiday season

1. Budget to save:

Always have a budget for each month. A budget is a way to tell your money where it should go before you start spending it. One of the significant expenses, when you go out, is meals. The best advice to take is to make a daily budget and see when it is convenient to go out to eat and when to cook or have prepared sandwiches.

2. Moderate with credit cards:

If the payment of your debt is not foreseen in your budget when returning from your visit, it is probable that you will have to face your interests. If you have no way to manage your debt in such a way that it does not affect the use of the card, it is preferable that you do not use it. You can even avail gift cards and other discounted deals but just try to keep it limited to these. Only use your credit card when you absolutely have no other option.

3. Avoid buying unnecessary gifts and souvenirs:

If you want to take a token from your trip to your relatives, try to be thoughtful and smart, and above all, limit yourself because souvenirs are usually very expensive. Even if you do intend to shop for gifts, make sure it’s an a place with reasonable pricing. Shops these days tend to overprice everything, so you need to be extra careful when it comes to buying gifts. One thoughtful thing to do before going out would be to search for affordable and convenient stores online. This way you wouldn’t waste your time wandering around different stores as well.

4. Limit outings to restaurants, shop at the supermarket and make your food at home:

If you can choose accommodation near a supermarket, so you can purchase your stay and cook your food-saving a lot of money in restaurants. In the case of not being able to cook, select local restaurants in non-tourist areas to eat, so you will save a lot of money and eat very well.

5. Always have a shopping list with you to avoid buying what you do not need:

Sometimes your memory plays you bad passes so still write what you are going to buy. Organize that list in order of importance, first the most necessary and then what you can expect. This will let you be more aware of your priorities when it comes to spending, postpone purchases that are not urgent and distribute your money more equitably. Important tip: buy only what is on your list. Lastly, maybe you should write a little note at the bottom of the list as a reminder. When you read it at the market, it will remind you of your goal to save money and stop you from purchasing unnecessary items.

6. Anticipate the purchases of your trip:

Before each holiday period, if you plan on traveling then it is best to anticipate both the lodging and transportation reservations, but have you tried to monitor the prices to make purchases at the best time? For example, there are certain seasons where plane tickets are cheaper (especially if they are purchased several months in advance). There are certain places in which, depending on the season, it is more expensive or cheaper to go. It is best to compare prices and investigate how they change (for example, the costs of hotels, Airbnb, agencies, restaurants, etc.). In such seasons you are more likely to find discounts and promotions.

Now that you have these little tips to help you out, we hope that you follow them and see a genuine change. However, let us take this opportunity to tell you a few things about saving money. All these tips will not help you if your mind in not set on it, so firstly start with changing your mindset and then you will see the changes yourself. Good luck and happy saving!

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