Simple AdWords Tips That Will Generate More Leads for B2B Companies

Due to low search volume and intense competition, AdWords for services and B2B companies can be expensive and ineffective. To justify high CPC costs and to keep CPA costs manageable, a B2B company would need highly qualified leads and an optimized sales funnel. Here are some tips and best practices recommended by white label PPC management agencies to attract high-quality leads.

Apply Negative Keyword Match Types

Negative keyword match types are a great way to filter out irrelevant clicks and wasted ad spend. Choose from a negative broad match, negative phrase match and negative exact match according to your requirements. An agency offering PPC management services will take care while using negative keyword match settings because negative match types require different treatment. You will have to include close variations such as synonyms, singular versions, plural versions and misspellings for effective exclusion.

Careful Monitoring is Crucial

Another difference is that order doesn’t matter for negative broad match type but it does matter for the other two types. Professional agencies offering PPC management services use the Keyword Planner tool and other sophisticated tools to discover negative keywords. Monitoring the Search Term Report on a regular basis will help you manage negative keywords better. Include misspellings after careful consideration because there are many people who misspell while entering search queries – you don’t want to end up blocking qualified traffic.

Retarget Site Visitors

Remarketing is a powerful strategy to bring back users who clicked on your ad and visited your site but left without converting. This audience group has high value and can be enticed into coming back with a highly targeted remarketing campaign. Many advertisers forget to add remarketing codes to pages of their website but a white label PPC agency will not make this mistake.

Create Strategic Remarketing Campaign

As part of remarketing best practices, a white label PPC management services provider will include unique value propositions and message according to the site visitor’s behaviour on the website. Don’t bombard site visitors with ads continuously as they surf elsewhere on the internet – that’s stalker-like behaviour and annoying. Instead, you can create a time-delaying remarketing campaign with meaningful ad sequence, new ad designs and fresh messaging.

Target Your Competitors

It’s also worthwhile to check out competitor keywords – white label PPC agencies follow this trick to create more ad impressions. You can create competitor-comparison landing pages where you provide information about each competitor and show how you’re different or better. However, make sure content is relevant to the search term and you’re not pretending to be a competitor or else you will be flagged by Google.

Add Meaningful Ad Extensions

A white label PPC services provider knows that ad extensions are a great way to have the more real estate, create more meaningful ads and improve Ad Quality Score. Try using Price Extensions, Call Extensions, Message Extensions, Location Extensions and Site Link Extensions to generate qualified leads.

Use Form Filling Data

Another way to find qualified leads is by linking your content marketing efforts with your AdWords campaign. In exchange for free content (e-book download, newsletter etc.) ask users to fill in a lead form. Use the information collected to determine if a particular user is worth pursuing aggressively. Segregate users into different personas and create tailored messaging for future PPC marketing strategies.

Get Creative with Emojis

Have you thought about using emojis for your AdWords ads? Google AdWords management services providers have been experimenting with this ever since Google allowed emojis in search results and search ads. It will take some time for experts to determine their impact but include popular emojis in your PPC ads after rigorous testing is definitely worth a shot.

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