Tips for Using On-Page SEO Hacks to Boost Rankings

Following these simple tips could be the ticket you need to boost your rankings so your elaborate and eye-catching web design.  It may take some time to really see significant results but soon enough, you’ll get there.

Like most businesses online, a site thrives on the fact that it rests high up on Google’s ranking list.  Every online site owner’s dream is to reach the pinnacle of the Google ranking system and stay there.

So how does Google, which is a computer by the way, rank websites?

First of all, Google scans or reads every website, including its content and web design, that it comes into contact with.  This is called crawling.

When Google crawls your site, it is in fact reading and analyzing it to find out what it is all about.  Armed with this information, Google ranks your site accordingly.

It may sound like a one sided affair but the truth is you can make changes to your site to force Google to boost your rankings. On-page SEO are changes that you make on your website’s code to generate higher ranking on Google.

Here are some on-page SEO tips you can use to boost your rankings.

Use Google’s Search Console to get information about pages

Google Search Console

This information is what you need to guide you on what to change on your site.Open Search Analytics in Google Search Console to get the information you need.

In here you’ll find data like which pages are highly ranked, how many clicks the page is getting, how many actual views, and your click-through rate. What you are looking for are pages that have a high view or impression count but with low click rates.

So what does this mean? 

This simply means that your pages are getting a lot views or impressions from visitors but they are not necessarily clicking on the pages. Before you start panicking, know that there are some things you can change here and there to get better results.

Things like changing your title tag or adjusting your meta description tags to be more relevant to the web users. Add some little snippets like catchy phrases or sentences that contain keywords and you are more likely to get clicks.

Remember, this is not about cramming as many keywords as you can into one sentence but rather using keywords that are more relevant and easy to digest for humans. Use a tool like WordPress to easily effect these changes. It comes with a plug-in called Yoast SEO plugin to help you do this.

After the changes, check back in 30 days and see how your alterations affected the pages. If your average click-through increased, that means Google will know to give you a higher ranking.

Doing this procedure in increments is the surest way of improving your ranking in Google.  There are no shortcuts or quick fixes.

Google Console also shows you which keywords are popular and which ones are actually getting clicks so that you can use them as guides in future changes to your pages.

A fast website is a popular website

A fast website is a popular website

Choosing the right server to host your site is as important as how well-made your website is.  If your site takes forever to load, nobody will stay long enough to see what happens next.

When you are choosing the server that will host your site, don’t look for the cheapest one.  Instead, choose the one that will offer you the most reliability and the fastest speeds possible.

Another thing you can consider is the use of a content delivery system that will localize delivery of your content in relation to your site visitors. For example, content that is coming from say, the London will load a whole lot faster for web design London-based users rather than if the content were to come all the way from the United States.

You don’t have to buy servers in different parts of the globe to do this. There are content delivery systems like Akamai that will do this service for you.

Also, if you expect visitors who are on a different platform like on a mobile device, be sure to use Google’s AMP framework. This will make sure that your site will still load super fast even if they are in an area with a sketchy signal.

Make sure your site has a theme and stick to it

Make sure your site has a theme and stick to it

Sites that specialize on a specific topic tend to be most knowledgeable in that field and are automatically ranked higher by Google for being so. Google’s Hummingbird update changed the way sites are ranked.

This time Google analyses a site for its relevance and usefulness as far as the users are concerned and ranks them accordingly. So make sure your site is not trying to be a jack of all trades and pretending to be the best at everything.

Sticking to what your site is good at makes a good impression on Google and Google rewards it.


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