7 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips for Digital Photographers

Digital marketing has progressed in leaps and bounds in recent times with new avenues being introduced every day. One such aspect of digital marketing that has gained substantial grounds is social media marketing. It is basically the use of various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to reach out to the maximum number of people by just a click of the button. Almost all spheres of occupation can make use of social media marketing, digital photographers being one of them.

Since digital photography mainly includes multimedia and social media also specializes in it, there is a proper correlation between them, which makes the association even stronger. There is no denying the fact that a large section of the population uses social media vehemently. Therefore, if you are a digital photographer and want the maximum number of people to engage and show interest in your work, social media marketing is apt for you. Here are the 7 powerful tips that you can follow –

Choosing the right platform

There are so many social media platforms available these days that you may be spoilt for choice. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the ones that occupy a major chunk of this platform. You must choose the right one to showcase your collection. If you feel that Instagram is the right one for you as people are more active in it, then you should concentrate on promoting yourself there. In case your art is related to social issues, and you generally follow it with a blog or description, Facebook might seem more ideal. Choose one major platform first and put maximum efforts into it for best results.

For maximum engagement and social media boost, post once a day at noon.

When you are using social media marketing strategy, one thing that you want for sure is to have maximum people viewing your content, liking and sharing it and even commenting on it. In short, the engagement should be as much as possible. Optimally speaking, making a post at noon daily gives you the maximal visibility over the course of the day. So you should take advantage of it and act accordingly. This is just a suggestion, though. You may not follow a similar pattern and can post whenever you feel comfortable as well.

Be relatable to gain more followers

One method of connecting to a maximum number of people using social media is to post content which is relatable to them. First of all, you need to decide your niche of interest. Once that is done, you should post pictures that they can associate with. You can also post snippets and selfies from your daily life so that the followers can connect with you at a personal level. Behind the scenes, photographs are an excellent way to generate interest. Clients will also feel more secure in approaching you as your account will have more credibility.

Use plenty of hashtags

Whenever you use hashtags for a post, you are making it open for public viewing. Moreover, hashtags are generally in accordance with the latest trending topics, and it will naturally generate more views than what it would have done otherwise. Few of the common hashtags that digital photographers use are shutterbug, cameraforlife etcetera. Use them and become a part of the community for more visibility. What is important here is that you remain updated about the various events happening around the world and how you can represent it through your pictures. This is an age-old marketing strategy that seldom fails.

Tell a story

Your pictures should not just be a set of photographs. It should tell a story. Meaningful pictures always generate more likes and shares than random ones. There is no guideline for a good story, though. It can be anything, ranging from an important social cause, a person you have come across, a place with a history or even another piece of art. It should tickle the inquisitive bone of a person viewing the photograph, and they should be intrigued enough to know more about it. Subsequently, they are more likely to enter your social media account and check your other posts. Thus, you can generate more traffic using this technique.

Embrace your brand to stay consistent

When you are promoting a style of photography, you need to keep posting stuff that is in correspondence with it. You have to adopt a brand or style of your choice and upload stuff that sells the lifestyle. You have to choose your niche early here as well and then remain consistent with it.

Be active in relevant online communities to be noticed

It is not advisable to work alone when using social media platforms as being a part of a community increases your visibility manifolds. You should not also keep waiting for a community to approach you, instead you should reach out to them. Once you become a part of the online community, you should also remain active in it and keep posting relevant stuff.

This will ensure that you get noticed more. Moreover, you can even learn a thing or two from the other members of your community. If you can catch the attention of someone significant from your community, that will be a bonus as well. The whole point of social media marketing is to become a part of a tribe and ride the wave of popularity, and this approach will definitely help in that.

Now that you are aware of the various social media marketing tips that can help your digital photography page gain more number of followers, apply them, and achieve the heights that you aspire to. 

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