This is Why You should Not Spend a Lot of Time Playing Online Games

Games are everybody’s favorite, and there is just no age boundation to be sporty, and in fact, there is just nothing wrong to play games. The journey of games is quite progressive, as earlier people use to play games in terms of two, indoor and outdoor, but now the trend is so fascinating that even outdoor games can be played while sitting on the cozy couch at home. The term “Online Games” and “Video Games” over Playstations and gadgets is something trendy and innovative, which in fact more addictive.

It is just so true that online games are now more finely customized with use of significant technological development with 3D versions, graphics, sound effects and more. Playing online games or video games over Playstations is no doubt an interesting part and skillful deed to boost memory, observation, and hand movements, in the synchronized way. With many advantages of online games, they are also measured with harmful effects and cons.

The rise of these online games over the internet has changed the craze of playing outdoor games while sitting at one place and led the development of competition among gaming companies to gross more in the gaming market globally. Crawling up with levels and leaps in the games has made more people more addictive. In fact, some online games are worth more dealers of paying cash directly into the account so making more users market. Still, the gaming world is exploring more advanced versions that can make you addictive.

Types of Games That are Addictive: Game Addictive

With many kinds of games, the Internet is occupied, and people can really get addictive to them. The versions, levels are somehow more varied in each game. People can opt for the one they like the most, some of the commonly preferred games are:

Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO), Simulations, Adventures, Puzzles, Actions, Stealth Shooter, Combat, First Reason Shooter (FPS), Sports, Royal Playing (RPG), Educational.

Below we have listed for solid reasons that can make you think Why You Should Not Spend A Lot Of Time Playing Online Games if you are too much addictive. Let’s Scroll:

Waste Of Time:

Playing online games is worth good if you are not addictive to them, spending a lot of time around gadgets will lead to nothing but will waste your time, that won’t be coming back ever. Play games, but just don’t get prone to them as you can’t just live without them. If you are the professional gamer than it is entirely subjective matter, but if you are just playing it get to relax or with some other reason then just don’t spend hours, in the end, you will lose time and will win nothing.

Waste Of Money:

Waste Of MoneyBuying expensive versions of online games, or video games can be a mad deed: the best console controllers and other game accessories. What if we will actually buy something more excellent and educational instead of these accessories, we will learn something more magnificent. Until and unless you are professional just don’t waste a lot of money on buying such virtual gaming consoles just to jump the levels.

Waste Of Energy:

What will you find, at the end of gaming, nothing, despite being wasting time and money you will just lose your energy and resources for the things you are just looking for casual entertainment. Playing games, for the time being, is quite reasonable but spending a lot over them with resources is just not a fairly deed so don’t let your energy

Accomplish Nothing In Reality:

Mission Accomplish! What will you gain in the real world, nothing? Playing online games will let you only in completing the levels with hints and clues, but in reality, you will not accomplish your real objective and goal while sitting on the cozy couch and playing online games.

Social Isolation:

Social Isolation In the era of online gaming over gadgets, people are exploring the levels but in the real world getting isolated. The connectivity with the smart world is the lead reason that is letting people more alone, stressful and full of anxiety. People are more adaptive to illusions and graphics and spend hours on for playing online game which has lowers the possibilities of real-world connectivity.

It is just so true that we can play online games anywhere, anytime, but some are that addictive that they can play such games while sitting in public gathering which is quite weird. Instead of talking people are more focused over their gadgets notifications. There is nothing wrong with playing online games, but yet one needs to think what the situation is.

I am sure, and you must have seen people playing puzzles, unscramble words games, scrabble decoders, chess, angry bird, pokemon, etc while sitting in cafes, even while crossing roads, metro, buses, etc which is an alarming issue making them less interactive with people around.

Decoding Is Worth Useless:

Playing games is not the that bad habit, but the addiction is. You game mode can irritate others in reality. In virtual means maybe you are decoding something new or innovative, but this will not make you real-life decoder or millionaire in one night. So think twice while playing too much of online games.

Distract From Other Interesting Things:

The world of Media, virtuality is always a fake which will not accomplish your real-life problems in any means. Your real life objectives and goals are will directly get affected if you will spend a lot of time playing online games. The desire of resolving puzzles, gaming levels are obviously, but again the concluded point is the addiction is worst. Online gaming can also destroy your creativeness, skills, and ability that can make you far across with other interesting activities.

Failures and False Impact:

Failures and False Impact

Winning is always an achievement, what is the use of winning in the virtual world of online games. Around victory promptly has zero value in the real world to play games but for enjoyment as the excessive playing of such games is not promotional. Don’t take online games or video games as real hit or achievement, face reality.  Gaming and destroy your relationships with friends and family so just get stuck into them always.

Procrastination In Real:

Lack of interaction with people and the real world can lead to more adverse effects over health and mind. It can make you ill-will with lack of emotions, social existence and can cause anxiety, stress and mood swings respectively. Gaming can make you more introvert and less extrovert in nature which is more struggling then level in games. It can also leech up your all hopes and dreams with more hesitation and other negative personality traits.

Health Vs. Gaming:

I agree, that video games and online games are stimulating, as are great brain exercisers activities, but excessive brain exercise can lead to stress and depression and mind tiredness as well. Online gaming can affect health more in negative ways than positive ways. It can also lead to laziness which is the more adverse deed and give a warm welcome to health problems.

Final Verdict:

Well playing video games and online games are one of the lovely past time for kids and people with stress or who kneen to enjoy their weekend at home. But the addictiveness of these games can lead to your many health issues and other aspects. So, just play these online games wisely but ever rationally adopt them as they are time killers as well.

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