Top Designer Saree Combinations and How to Choose

If you are looking to order some sarees, you should probably wait and know the different types of sarees that are worn in India. Saree happens to be one of the widely worn costumes in our country and represents several different traditions, cultures and a rich heritage. It is said that Indian women look their best in a saree, which can be donned on different occasions and different moods. From wedding to cultural delights- sarees have still not gone out of fashion, as we get to see from fashion shows where even the top designers do not shy away from presenting their own versions of the traditional sarees. Heavy sarees and designer lehngas look great on women but the days have gone when simplicity used to be the best attraction. Class and attraction now comes with something different- especially in something considered as old and gold like saree.

Designer lehngas and sarees are available all over the India and help the Indian women make an unprecedented style statement in front of the world. However in order to select the best one for yourself or for someone, let us first have a look at the different styles as well as combination of colours that would look great.

The different styles of linen sarees

  1. The embroidered Saree- Laced with heavy and intricate embroidery with mirror work, this saree is usually work on festivals and special occasions, bringing the class out in style.
  2. The mermaid style – And like the name suggests, the saree design makes a lady look like the mermaid. The petticoat of the saree comes down from the knees in a fitting manner and spreads out in an amazing fashion for an unprecedented charming look. If you are a curvaceous woman with a voluptuous body, this is the saree for you.
  3. The Zardosi Style- Copying the style of the Mughlai Zardosi Lehnga, this type of linen saree is usually donned by the women of the Northern states. Mixed with silk, it looks quite elite and imparts a royal touch to the elegance of a woman.
  4. The Circular design – If you are a woman with a cone shaped body, this is the perfect shape of saree that you should go for.
  5. A-Line saree- Particularly taken from the A-line lehnga, such type of saree is usually worn by women of above average height. The petticoat comes down from the waist in the shape of the letter A, giving the saree its name.

Choosing from the types of sarees

Every now and then, you will see some of the best looking sarees. Whether the design and colour combination comes from Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu or West Bengal – these sarees look gorgeous on the models. However, you need to understand that not every woman can don every type of saree. Sarees and their styles have been differentiated in order to make sure that each body type and figure gets its worth in the best suited design and combination of saree. Choosing the right saree can bring out the beauty in a woman whereas choosing the wrong one can make even the most gorgeous lady an average one.

So, here are a few tips to select the best looking one if you order linen sarees online for yourself-

  1. Know your body type- Knowing your body type and then catering to it will help you eliminate any distracting styles and designs of sarees. The saree in itself might look good but you need to consider your body type in order to get the saree that would make you look good.
  2. Select the style- Whether it is a simple silk saree, a Gujarati style or a South Indian saree; you need to select a specific style in order to make sure that you are able to get yourself a saree that would add to your class.
  3. Never be afraid to check out the entire options- Yes, you will find several different options available with the vendor. If you are buying online, make sure you visit and check out all the designs before narrowing down to some favourites.
  4. Next, try it yourself- Do not try to fit in or compromise on the comfort just for the sake of buying a great looking saree. It would prove to be of no use if you are not able to wear it and flaunt yourself in it. So, try it out and check the saree before you are getting it.
  5. Last but not the least, check the price according to your budget. Do not overspend but if the design as well as comfort is unprecedentedly impeccable, do not shy away from a few extra bucks!
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