Top Technologies that will Reshape the World

The year 2021 is expected to be an exciting one in the world of technology. Blockchain augmented reality, biometrics and the Internet of Things will drive technological innovations.

As an organization, you need to differentiate between what is hype and reality. Some technological innovations will have a direct impact on your company, and you need to start investing in them now to experience a competitive edge.

We have identified some of the top technologies that will dominate the industry.


Hacking has been causing serious problems in the IT world and what better way to curb the practice than by investing in biometrics. This will be used for enhanced security in buildings and when using various devices. It is easy to hack into passwords, and that is why persons will need another layer of security. The beginner’s guide to vpns will help you with a preparation for protecting your networks; this will assist in encrypting sensitive data and preventing man-in-middle attacks. 



We have not seen the last of these guys. You are going to see more them doing stuff like delivering your groceries. Drones are currently being used for conservation efforts, military campaigns, and video photography. The only thing holding them back is the supporting regulation.

3-D printing

Home construction is going to become faster and cheaper in 2021 thanks to 3-D printing. Once an architect comes up with designs, they will be feed to a 3-D printer. The printer will be filled with composite materials, and it will do the rest. 

5G wireless


We have come a long way when it comes to telephony. In the beginning, we had bulky landlines which were later phased out by mobile phones. In 2021 most of the telecommunication companies will be upgrading their network to the 5th generation wireless systems. This is expected to be faster and carry more digital signals.

Augmented reality

Augmented or virtual reality devices will dominate various tech shows in 2021.  The technology has primarily been used for gaming, but professionals can also use it for simulated training sessions. Flight trainees can use the technology for simulating flights.

There instances where technology has been used instead of textbooks to simulate historical events. Some of the companies on the forefront in developing devices to support virtual reality include Samsung, Google, and Oculus.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has dominated most technology talks in 2020, and this will continue in 2021. We should see AI been used in the world of robotics to the detriment of most low-skilled, repetitive jobs.

AI is created to mimic human intelligence through a process of complex algorithms. While the technology has been around since the 70s, it is in the last decade that we have seen it impacting various sectors like virtual assistants, navigation apps, smartphones and in various financial applications.

Machine learning is the process where computers are programmed to learn something that was not initially in them. This is done through the study of patterns and algorithms. With time the machine becomes better at a task. Machine learning has been used in sectors like data mining. It is predicted that machine learning will be responsible for the elimination of most repetitive tasks.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

These devices will dominate almost every sphere of our lives. The basis for IoT devices is that they are interconnected with each other through the internet. Today you can lock your door through your phone or heat your meal in the microwave while on your way home. In medical care, IoT devices will help doctors make a better diagnosis. We should see more interconnectivity of IoT devices through the cloud.


When you mention the word blockchain to most people, what comes into mind is Bitcoins. But, blockchain technology is more than what it has been synonymous with. Being a public ledger, the technology can be used in a variety of sectors like finance, real estate or healthcare. Blockchain offers a level of security because you cannot change the data but only add to it. Since you need a consensus, it makes it hard to run fraudulent chains. Adoption of blockchain is bound to be on the rise, and this will necessitate skilled personnel to run it. 

Autonomous things

Autonomous things

You should see an increase of things performing human tasks while being driven by AI. This will extend to self-driven cars, home appliances, and robots that will do various manual tasks. The robots are still far ahead of replicating humans in decision-making.

Digital twins are a digital representation of the real object. When digital twins are used in IoT, they will lead to faster processing of data and perform tasks more efficiently.

Connected Clouds

Cloud computing is going to change further to be to a hybrid or private and public. Companies realize that using either public or private is not enough and they need a mix of the two. Many companies are going to get into offering cloud services.


Cybercrime is still going to be a big issue in 2021. Hackers are getting becoming bolder and more creative, and this necessitates better methods to curb the vice. Cybersecurity will extend to terrorist threats and ransomware. IT security personnel are advised to be familiar with new methods of combating the vice. 


The year 2021 promises to be interesting for the technology sector. We have seen technologies like blockchain and AI making inroads in various sectors, and this is bound to increase as people have a better understanding of how these technologies work. However, there have been reservations with many people worrying about losing their jobs to machines. This is inevitable. Machines using AI will be able to perform tasks faster and be more efficient than humans.

These will necessitate companies to train their employees to handle some of these new technologies. We expect machines to replace low-skilled tasks. IoT and augmented reality will bring into our homes a host of gadgets that are interconnected. You will be able to lock your door, view your fridge and warm a meal through your smartphone. All these will be done through a 5-G network, which is expected to be rolled next year.

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