The Best Types of Security Cameras for Every Type of Business

One of the constant anxiety-inducing aspects of having a business is the need to keep it safe 24/7. As a business owner, once you lock your doors, you take home with you that nagging feeling—what if something bad happens?

Since we can’t always be in control of circumstances, we must have a safety net in case an accident happens, as accidents—whether caused by people or nature—choose no day or time.

Being prepared means having a type of security from opening to closing, especially the hours in between when no employee is present to serve as your eye. And as much as employees are the backbone of any business, there are still instances when technology is the only thing that can fulfill a job while also keeping the people who work for you safe on the side.

For this, the most common kind of security system used by businesses is the CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) system. Its necessity has become so common that there is an unspoken rule among private and public establishments to have such a system.

Even though the CCTV’s role is only to record footage, the mere existence of one can protect employees, assets, and customers by deterring crimes. If by chance, an issue does arise, the recorded footage can help you or the authorities address it. The best part: you can have peace of mind outside your work hours.

However, not all security cameras are created equal in the same way that not all establishments need a security camera for purely security reasons. There are other ways to maximize its use. Other businesses need one for the smooth flow of operations and quality control. To be more specific, a manufacturing video surveillance system has entirely different specs from defense camera systems for homeland security.

One thing’s for sure, despite not being equal in terms of power and function, each business should have a video camera system that fits perfectly with the company’s requirements.

Use this list to know which style and configuration are ideal for your establishment:

  1. Day/Night CCTV Cameras

These cameras operate in both normal and poorly-lit settings. Ideally used outdoors, you can be certain that the footages captured are clear regardless of lighting issues, such as reflections, glare, strong backlight, and direct sunlight. The plus point? You don’t need an infrared illuminator to optimize its use.

If you’re looking for a security camera that can do its job day and night, a day/night CCTV camera is your best bet.

  1. Dome CCTV Cameras

The usual indoor camera, dome CCTV cameras are mostly used in offices for their discreet look. Despite knowing that it is, indeed, a camera, its unobtrusive dome design doesn’t make people in the room feel uncomfortable seeing it around. The best part is that newer versions of this type of camera are installed with a speed feature that allows the operator to change the camera angle and zoom into the area.

If you’re looking for an indoor security camera to be used in daylight, this one is for you.

  1. High-Definition Security Cameras
    Considered to be more advanced than other surveillance cameras, high-definition security cameras can zoom in on details and capture images clearly. Because of these features, it comes as no surprise that banks and casinos use them. Additionally, they are fully weatherproof and include long-range night vision. They can store months’ worth of HD videos and can be accessed remotely through a system connection.

If your business requires tighter surveillance, a high-definition CCTV camera will fit your needs.

  1. Infrared Security Cameras
    Also referred to as night vision security cameras, these cameras can capture videos of dark spaces with low light to no light. The good ones are equipped with Smart IR technology that can adjust the intensity of the infrared illumination based on the location of the subject within the lens’s line of sight. To be specific, it can avoid overexposing the face of the subject or the vehicle plate as they come closer to the lens, potentially defeating the purpose of having a security camera in the first place.

If your business requires surveillance outdoors, especially at night, this camera will work best for you.

  1. Wireless Security Cameras
    Easier to install than their wired counterpart, wireless security cameras rely either on Wi-Fi or other modes of wireless transmission. It’s fairly cheaper than other surveillance cameras and more convenient to bring from one location to another. You can also have the option to use one camera or create an integrated network.

If your business is a small establishment that has an internet connection or a big company that requires facility management, this camera’s features are flexible to fit your needs.

Having a CCTV system should not feel like an addition to your business expenses. After all, the return is greater: it gets to take care of your investment and the people who are helping your business thrive. It will also give you and your employees the peace of mind that money can’t buy.

Author Bio:

Michael Hrinishin

Michael Hrinishin is a technical sales manager at Industrial Video & Control (IVC) and focuses on customer project management. In his role, Michael evaluates customer video application requirements and recommends appropriate technical solutions including conceptualizing the architecture and components of IVC camera systems.

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