10 International Places to Travel in the Middle of the Year

There are two types of people: those who like to travel and those who like to travel – only translated into another language.

It is impossible to find someone who is not happy to leave the routine for a few days and discover a new place in the world.

Some like it so much, that they make it a real profession, that of Professional Tourist or Digital Nomad – who are the people who work remotely while traveling.

Whether just on vacation or as a lifestyle, traveling is the plan made by several people at various times of the year: either at the beginning, on the holidays of the middle of the year or more nearing  the end.

Today, however, let’s talk about mid-year trips! Those who take the new round of school holidays and have a cooler climate in our country. Come on?

Where to travel in the middle of the year?

The middle of the year is the time when families tend to move more, since they do not have the high common expenses at the beginning of the year and because of school holidays.

The advantage of traveling abroad on a mid-year vacation is that the landscapes, which are normally very cold, will be milder – and even hot, depending on the chosen destination.

The only thing about this story is that, regardless of the country, everyone will be traveling. This season is disputed and seats on flights and book a hotel online tend to end faster.

So, no matter where you are, search for your trip in advance. Try to do good planning to ensure that you are going to travel!

10 ideas for international destinations to travel in the middle of the year

To warm up the idea of ​​getting to know new airs, new cultures and new destinations there in your heart, we have separated 10 international destinations for the mid-year holidays.

Don’t forget to do your search in advance to guarantee the best prices and options for you, your family and your friends.

Latin America and its charms

Latin America is a destination very little recognized by the world. In its countless countries, there are countless spectacular destinations that can bring to the fore how good and invigorating it is to travel abroad.

The great advantage of traveling through Latin America in the middle of the year is the short distance, which makes ticket costs cheaper. In addition, our currency has greater weight, so the costs are not so high.

  1. Buenos Aires

The famous Buenos Aires, close by in Brazil, is one of the most sought after destinations by Brazilians. In addition to having an excellent price to make an international trip on vacation, it also houses numerous tourist places to visit.

If you want to go to the Argentine capital at that time, take a stroll through the Plaza de Mayo, the Casa Rosada and the San Telmo neighborhood. These tourist spots will conquer a space in your best memories.

  1. Santiago

The Chilean capital, Santiago, attracts countless tourists on vacation. Brazilians are delighted with this city and love to know more about this region – especially those who are passionate about wines.

If you choose Santiago as your destination, be sure to visit the Casa da Moeda and Praça das Armas, famous sights that the capital offers. If you have more time and a heart for adventure, the rest of the country is simply amazing.

  1. Montevideo

Also on our list of international trips for mid-year holidays is Montevideo . The capital of Uruguay conquers Brazilians mainly for its similarity to European cities and low values ​​for travelers.

The country’s gastronomy is also a separate chapter: meats, butter, wines and sparkling wines are unforgettable. Certainly, when you return, you will miss that aspect a lot.

For your trip to Montevideo, be sure to visit Plaza Independencia and Palacio Salvo, landmarks in Uruguayan history.

Europe and its history

For those who enjoy more distant and traditional trips, there are the famous European tourist destinations.

Without a doubt, European destinations are in the holiday plans and dreams of many people. Certainly a trip there is perfect.

  1. Lisbon

The capital of Portugal is one of the most sought after destinations by Brazilians. This is due to the historical relationship with the country and the ease of communication, since the capital and the entire region speaks Portuguese (with some minor language differences, but still totally understandable).

Two destinations in Lisbon that you cannot miss on your journey are: the Belém Tower and the Praça do Comércio.

  1. Paris

Paris, who never wanted to know this city? Famous all over the world, the destination is a great option especially for couples who wish to make an international trip. Those who love art and gastronomy also cannot leave this destination for later.

Although Paris collects beautiful, wonderful, historic and famous places all over the world, one stop that cannot be missed is the Eiffel Tower, the city’s postcard.

  1. Madrid

Another charming capital is Madrid, located in Spain. It is the ideal destination for an international holiday trip , as it is a cheaper city to visit and has numerous tourist attractions. Be sure to visit two of them: the Retiro Gardens in Madrid and the Prado Museum. They are spectacular places!

  1. London

In order not to escape the traditional, the famous London could not be missing from our list. Capital of England, this is the ideal city for those who enjoy a mild weather and visit famous places around the world.

The London Eye ferris wheel and Tower Bridge are special places to visit in this very traditional region of the European continent. The British accent should also be recognized as a tourist spot, but, as it is not, enjoy the most famous way of speaking in the world.

North America and its power

Now, to close our list of best destinations for taking an international vacation, we have separated three cities in the United States that deserve your attention.

  1. Miami

Miami is a city known for its beautiful beaches and the climate very similar to Brazil. Tropical temperature, with strong sun and crystal clear oceans. This is certainly the destination for those who like to swim, get a tan on the beach, enjoy the intense nightlife and, of course, do good shopping.

  1. Orlando

Very close to Miami, is the famous Orlando. Who has never wanted to visit Disney parks? This is the main destination that many Brazilians think of when it comes to an international vacation trip. After all, Disney pleases children, teenagers and adults. Be it for the imagery of fairy tales and other drawings, or for the toys and shows.

  1. New York

Finally, to close the short list: New York. The city is one of many travelers’ dream destinations. Whether influenced by the films or the series, something is unquestionable: there is no one who does not want to go there one day.

The region has countless sights, some of which are Times Square and Central Park, as well as countless restaurants, shops and famous scenery. In short, New York is a destination that unites the traditional and the modern in a charming and vibrant way!

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