6 Things to a Joyous Solo Trip

Counting your steps on the wet seashore with wind embracing you from every different direction, there is something blissful and enthralling about the solo trips. You do not have to plan your adventure over the likes and dislikes of others. Simply put your gladiators on, with your favourite Jane Austen novel in your hands and get going discovering the awestruck corners of the world.

Are solo trips actually a child’s play? Bits and pieces of your imagination are always more colourful than the time when you try to execute them. Finances are the biggest trouble. Especially, when you are not working but still weaving the dreams of going on your first solo trip. The need for money at this time is so urgent that getting help from traditional lenders is something you cannot think of. For the same, loans for unemployed from direct lenders can act as an ally to plan your first solo trip.

To avoid your solo trip falling off your hands, here are some tips for an astounding one –

Wear confidence

Even wearing your expensive Zara outfit cannot do wonders if you are not dressed up with confidence from head to toe. Confidence is something that silently speaks. Dressing up full of confidence will help you make your first trip better. Make sure you do not look too self possessed. Maintain a posture and look that makes you approachable for the right people. You will surely find people with different interests. You have to deal them with confidence.

Avoid over-dressing

It is quite evident that it is your first trip alone and you are floating on the seventh cloud out of joy.  By now, you might have planned different outfits for different occasions. Remember, not to over dress so that people can easily make out that you are a foreigner in a country. Dress simple and attractive. You are on a vacation not hitting the club. Wear comfortable clothes and subtle makeup to attract ‘holiday’ vibes. Wearing your Mac Ruby Woo might make you look steaming hot but is so not going to give you vacation vibes. Let yourself free.

Put on a smile

Planning all by yourself is certainly exciting but on the hand, you never know when it can turn out to be daunting. To avoid ruining your trip, your foremost point to remember must be, to stretch a smile. Back in the thoughts, everyone is concerned about their safety. You might meet people looking to take advantage from travellers. Not all of them are the same. A smile will help you make a healthy relationship with every passerby. SO?? JUST GLINT A SMILE.

Always keep money

Travelling alone can be risky at times. You cannot neglect the fact. It becomes crucial to save some money for unforeseen events. While you are out exploring the city and you get lost, to reach back the hotel you need money. It is quite important to keep some penny saved for similar situations. You can keep the money saved in your socks or any secret pocket of your bag. Do not forget to keep some details preserved like the address of your hotel or the city map to reach back.

Know where you are heading

While on a trip, you surely decide your destinations in advance. Stay aware of where you are heading. Make it a point to keep a map of your destinations ready with you. This way, when you will have the knowledge of the place where you are heading, you can enjoy the scenery on your way to your stop. After all, you do not have to guide the driver anymore. You can simply put the mirrors of your car down and gift your eyes alluring sights of natural beauty.

Give details to someone

Whatever you might have planned for your trip, make sure to give the details to someone elder back at home. You must give the itinerary to someone and a copy of your passport. In case of any kind of mishappening, your family at least have the information. On your vacation days, it is recommended to let someone at the hotel know about your day visits.

Keeping the above listed things in mind before finally opting for your solo trip will help you not ruin it. It is time to get your passport stamped with an international solo trip. Do not just wait. Get your tickets done; put on your favourite travelling outfit and you are ready to go.

Do not forget to click yourself in weird and awkward poses with locals around. Beaches or mountains, whatever excites you, it is time to pack your suitcase, pump your lungs with joy and delight and bid a “happy-to-go” goodbye to your family. After planning years and imagining on to every fantasy, this is your time to fulfil your dream of travelling solo.

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