10 Definite Ways to Build Instagram Reach in 2021

Are you wondering how to increase your reach on Instagram in 2021? Today, businesses have to look deep into their insights and monitor comments, shares, saves, story views, and DMs to know their performance. Let us dive in to see ten different ways to build your reach on Instagram.

1. Find Your Ideal Time to Post

Are you dropping off your engagement on Instagram by sharing content at the wrong time, or maybe not often enough? Although there are plenty of methods to magnify engagement, posting when the audience is online is an instant win. The Instagram algorithm adores posts that trigger massive engagement quickly and often pushes those posts to the top of audience feeds. Strengthen this by monitoring and analyzing your Insights to know when is the right time to post for your audience. It is good to have your personalized ideal time to post on Instagram as each profile consists of a varied audience with different zonal times. That way, you could reach enormous people, boost engagement, and build your brand.

2. Make Conversations with Stickers

Above five hundred million people use the Stories feature on Instagram daily, and the metric is still increasing in 2021! Instagram stories are a perfect way to motivate the audience to start a conversation and post their views and experiences about your brand. That, in turn, helps you to have a loyal audience that is interested in your brand. Get initiated with stories stickers to boost engagement on Instagram as below,

Question Sticker

An ask me anything session using Question Sticker on Instagram provokes conversation. While influencers use the Stories question sticker to let their audience know more about them, you could also use it for your business. Question stickers are a perfect way to allow the audience to learn about your brand and the products or services. On the other hand, it is the right place to ask your audience some queries or engage in conversation about upcoming seasons’ color schemes or the kind of products they would like to see more.

Quiz Sticker

The quiz sticker lets you share multiple-choice questions with your audience and monitor the results. When a follower attempts your quiz, they will see if their answer is right or wrong. And, you can also view the number of votes for each option and how each one voted.

Countdown Sticker

Use countdown stickers on stories to get more traction and grab audience attraction for your sales and events. Share a story of the next event with a countdown sticker to count the time and date you set. With this sticker, the audience can subscribe to the event, notify them if it is over, and complete the countdown! It is a great strategy to entice your audience and take part in promotions or events.

3. Test and Analyze with Fresh Content Consistently

Conducting experiments can sometimes bring out the best content ideas on Instagram. It might be a daunting task to test new content forms, mainly if you are onto the right thing and having the proper engagement with your current strategy. Trial and error methods are the primary key to having a solid strategy.

4. Share “Saveable” Content for Your Feed

The saves, shares, and comments are crucial. One of the perfect ways to increase your engagement is to craft high content that inspires the audience to hit the Save button! Saveable content is content where the audience can recheck it for future reference. By sharing Carousel posts with helpful information and tips, you can make an audience save the posts. The audience can then go back to the post and act accordingly. Suppose you are a traveler, create mini-blog content posts and put up details about the destination. While you want to post saveable content to your feed, think about the requirements of your audience and their benefits.

5. Post Content That Interests Your Audience

Share content that is valuable to your business and your followers so that your target audience will ultimately become your potential customers. Suppose, as a brand you are new to Instagram marketing, get automatic Instagram likes for social proof to boost engagement and drive sales.

Putting up customized and data-oriented content is a trendsetter, and it will help drive engagement. Creating such content requires your time and effort to implement, but trust me, it’s worth it as it increases engagement rates.

6. Create Descriptive Captions

Content captions on Instagram can have up to 2200 characters long, a lengthy space to share with your followers. The main factor the algorithm considers is the amount of time the audience spends on your posts. Hence, write more extended captions to boost your Instagram engagement.

7. Display Your Brand and Business

The strength of authenticity is massive and has become even stronger in 2021. Many businesses and brands display the more honest, genuine, and vulnerable side of their business and brand on the platform. A significant level of genuineness could go a long way in developing a solid relationship with the audience, increasing engagement. When you share the good with the bad, the wins with struggles, the brand becomes highly relatable.

8. Include Fun Factor

While tailoring Instagram posts takes time and effort, you can also include the fun element in your content. Brands blend with the humor element and reference to pop cultures like memes and topics in trend to their content. Raising engagement rate is a sure-shot when you Include AR filters in stories or add memes or GIFs to your posts.

You have to reward your entire theme and tone; if a meme does not suit your brand values, then it’s good to discard out of your strategy and not settle over look and feel. However, if you include fun factors in your strategy, you would acquire returns through comments, likes, and shares!

9. Pay Attention to Your Hashtags

It is necessary to understand hashtags that drive the audience to your posts to boost engagement. Analytical tools help you track the posts that generated the high engagement rate and its hashtags. Also, you can filter analytics by multiple factors such as likes, saves, comments, reach, impressions. That is a valuable feature for determining your content strategy because you will learn which hashtags to use and which to discard—the more powerful your hashtag, the more eyes and impressions on your posts.

10. Create Shareable Content

Instagram allows people to share posts to stories or DMs, a feature that helps you reach additional people. The goal here is to create content that your audience will reshare. Like saveable content, shareable content must be relevant to followers’ needs and interests: infographics, memes, or relevant quotes. To add up, you could also track the number of times your grid post is reshared to stories to understand better the content that performs best.


There is no doubt that Instagram is a challenging market, yet there are plenty of methods to improve your engagement. Therefore, when you plan and strategize your content, use these tips to understand how your followers react.

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