4 Gift for Each Type of Health Enthusiast

We all have that one friend who’s crazy about leading that healthy lifestyle. They are always mindful about their bodies and overall health. There are several different groups of health enthusiasts depending on what they like to focus on the most. Their daily routines vary and might include different needs. If you’re not sure what to buy them for their birthday, here are four gift ideas that might inspire you. 

Strength training junkie

This type of health enthusiast is known for putting a huge emphasis on taking care of their bodies. They will never skip a chance for a good workout routine. So if you a have a friend who is a strength training junkie, you can buy them some useful gym equipment. They can it use at home for those days when they don’t feel like going to the gym. For instance, consider buying them a resistance band or a nice set of kettle bells and dumbbells.

It will make their quick workout routines at home much easier to do. Or if you know they like to go for a run every evening, keep that in mind when buying them a gift. You could buy them a running top, or waterproof iPod shuffle that they can use for listening to their favourite music while jogging. 

Self-discovery enthusiast

On the other hand, self-discovery enthusiast loves to cherish their free time, their mind and soul. They are all about meditation. Sitting down in silence or while listening to some calming music and is their favourite way to spend an evening.

Buying them something that will make their daily routine even more soothing and relaxing, will put a smile on their face. For example, essential oils in many different scents will make their room smell lovely while they’re doing yoga exercises. Or you could buy them some meditation cushions that will make them feel extra comfortable when they meditate.

Also, healing crystals are popular these days. They are believed to have healing powers that can help you cleanse your mind and soul, so you could check those out too. Lastly, a nicely decorated journal or a popular psychology book is also a gift any self-discovery enthusiast would love to receive. 

Wellness enthusiast

Wellness as a concept of constant growth which puts emphasis on making choices toward a healthy lifestyle has become very popular in Australia. This concept is not just about maintaining your overall health. It is about the balance between our health, our emotions, and our thoughts. Everything is connected and equally important.

Wellness enthusiasts would definitely appreciate gifts such as Himalayan pink salt lamps or some nice smelling oil-diff users. They help set that relaxing and alleviating mood in the room. Also, a weighted cosy blanket or a high-quality massage chair that will help them relax after a busy day at work would be the best gift for any wellness enthusiast. Finally, a silk sleep mask or wellness tea that will warm them up and make them fall asleep easier could be a nice gift idea as well.

Self-care enthusiast

Self-care enthusiasts love to take proper time for cleansing their skin and taking long and warm baths. They never skip their skincare routine every night before going to bed. One of the presents you could buy for a self-care enthusiast is a heated aromatherapy pad. They will definitely love it. This popular herb-filled pack has many great benefits such as providing aromatherapy and pain relief.

Other gift ideas might include something like bath salts and bath bombs. Or you could buy them some face masks they can include in their daily skincare routine. It’s most likely that self-care enthusiasts also like to be mindful of what they eat and drink. So keep their diet in mind as well. For instance, consider buying them a smoothie subscription or a kombucha brewing kit that will spice up their breakfast.


In conclusion, there are numerous different gift ideas and you can always combine them to come up with the most creative gift for your friends if they happen to be one of the health enthusiasts. They are all very practical and will come in handy to those who need them.

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