How 5G is Revolutionizing the Businesses in the 21st Century

“Latency is very important when you think about autonomous cars and things like that – 5G will really change the game, and I think will be another spike of growth in the wireless industry”. –Lowell McAdam

The next big thing is almost here. It is something that everybody has been raving about and is all set to change the trends and take the industries to the next big high! It will be fast; it will be consistent, and it will be nothing short of amazing. The next big thing under the family of the Internet of Things (IoT) is almost here and will be rolled out for customers globally. After the 4G wave of the internet, people are gearing up to face the wonders of the 5G spectrum.

It is already a known fact that everything that we do has already been influenced and changed by the internet. Be it the way we shop, get educated or even something as simple as order groceries and food. The internet has already revolutionized so many business formats that today Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an important factor of running most operations. One of the biggest changes that will come with 5G is that the latency effect will be minimized completely. Things that were a little slow will also speed up and will both the business owners and the consumer’s something extra to be happy about.

If we talk about the global reach and outspread of this phenomenon, major countries such as China, the USA, Australia, UK and now even India are ready with the 5G channel. In fact, by 2020 millions of people will be powered with the 5G spectrum. This indeed is going to be the next big thing in the development of the internet and the spread of IoT to the next phase. So, whether you are ready or not, 5G is already knocking on your doors and is all set to take you to the more advanced level.

5G spectrum

One important factor of the 5G wave is the way it will influence all the business formats and revolutionize the landscape of how businesses are carried out. Gear up as we take you on the informative drive of just how the 5G spectrum is all set to change the face of landscaping in business.

Connecting not just people but everything: Mobile giants Nokia had the tagline ‘connecting people’ and that’s what the internet and technology have done so far. The world has literally shrunk, and people have come closer. With the 5G spectrum up and running not just people, but the other devices and smart gadgets will be interlinked and connected to the internet spectrum. Imagine being able to control your car with a flick on your mobile, or for the matter controlling the temperature of your AC remotely from a different location! Sounds surprising right, but this is exactly what 5G will enable. Smoother operations and better control.

Smart Cities to get Smarter: Recently there have been a lot of talks of cities now getting designed under the banner of Smart Cities. Cities that have a day to day functions and operations made smoother with the help of massive connectivity to the IoT. With the help of the 5G wave, it is expected to materialize sooner than later. Cars will be connected and online and when you leave for work it will automatically pick up the route that will get you to work the fastest. Work efficiency will improve, and this will help people work smarter as well. One of the prerequisites, however, is that there needs to be enough devices that are ready and enabled to work on the 5G model.

Education Personified with 5G: Imagine learning and sitting for classes and lectures, and that too from your very own room! Or for the fact imagine taking a lecture from an expert who is based in Australia while you are still in your hometown! All this seems like a task difficult to achieve, but thanks to the high-speed connectivity of the 5G internet, this is something that students will be able to explore. Students can now get smarter by accessing various online learning platforms that will help enhance their knowledge of subjects in an illustrative and graphical manner. 4G allows us to study with online tutors for Math, English, Science, etc. on your phone, laptop anywhere, anytime but the on-set of 5G will take education to another dimension by allowing students to take virtual classes by using VR technology. Education will no longer mean studying from textbooks and boring classroom lectures.

Healthcare personified by 5G: Right now, even the most critically ill people can be advised and monitored by the doctors only upon their visit to the hospitals. With the help of 5G enabled devices, doctors will now be able to monitor their health and other aspects remotely and this way the risk of anything going wrong will minimize. The correct medical attention can be given by regular updates given through smart 5G enabled devices, and this, in fact, will help healthcare redefine the way it works.

The Trendy Consumer Experience: shopping giants Amazon has already taken the next step by now delivering smaller items to the people in the USA with the help of drones. Imagine getting your packaged delivered on time and that too without any delays by a programmed drone that is controlled by someone in another city altogether! Efficiency will be great and scope of error like delays and damage will almost go down. This indeed will take the customers experience to greater heights and will save so much of cost on the business owners end.

5G will be the mother of all inventions: as discussed before, to enable 5G connectivity to take over, there will have to be mass production of pieces of equipment and gadgets that are able to work on the 5G model without any latency. This indeed will switch the gear for the R and D department in so many organizations to come up with new inventions and designs that can give the customers the gadgets that are fine-tuned to work on the 5G broadband.

Overall, on the basis of the most recent studies and research these are the industries that are going to get influenced the most with the dawn of 5G internet.

  • Manufacturing industry
  • Agriculture
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Retail
  • Media and entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Energy and utilities

Artificial Intelligence and smart gadgets are indeed powering their way into our lives and whether you like it or not things are only going to get easier with the widespread of the 5G wave. How smoothly we adjust to the 5G spectrum and welcome it with open arms depends on how quickly new devices are prepared that are 5G friendly. Naturally, everything that is developed and produced has a cost attached to it, and with people still adjusting to the 4G era, how ready we are for the era of 5G is something only time will tell.

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