Smart SMS Marketing Technology to Foster Client’s Relationship

With the advent of new technologies, some say bulk SMS marketing is becoming outdated. However, this is not for the renowned companies like Google, Uber, Facebook, Airbnb who already have text SMS campaigns as a part of their marketing strategies.

SMS is not only a way that spread out information but it is also useful in establishing customer relationship for a long time. Text SMS traffic is expected to reach 2.5 trillion by 2020! And surprisingly, over 98% of the messages are being read within first three minutes of being received by the recipients. It is a boom for companies who’re turning to SMS as the best means of communication and promotion and it is one of the oldest forms of mobile communication.

On an average 8.5 trillion of messages are sent every year, 6 billion per day in the US itself. That’s over 20 times more the twitter posts and 12 times the number of Facebook messages sent daily. Now, let’s come to the point how SMS marketing is helpful for businesses in making client’s relationship.

I am sharing 7 innovative tips for companies, business organizations who are using bulk SMS solutions in order to create huge customer engagement, keep customers well informed and create special offers and reward programs.

  1. Timing is key

As the quotation states, timing is everything! If you want to make your campaign successful you need to pay attention to two important aspects of timing. First, open-ended messages are less effective as compared to messages that have deals to expire. Draft your SMS messages to portray the deal is ending soon or something similar.

The second one, you want to research for the best times to send messages to your audience seating across the various parts of the country. For example: When any customer buys a particular product, you could send him/her a message about a related product in hopes of grabbing their attention easily.

Don’t be afraid about your campaign timing- SMS is very informal! Also, integrate bulk SMS API into your own software application to enable SMS services so that you can run and track your campaign from software only.

  1. Distribute special discount coupons and vouchers

There is nothing better than the distributing coupons and deal offers among your targeted people via SMS which are nowadays considered as a reliable marketing tool. Making the most out of a promotional campaign can prove to be a really effectual strategy for organizations, businesses as it keep customers engaged and interested in communication with your brand or product.

  1. Flash discounts

There’s nothing better than getting an alert on our own mobile number and finding out that you have received a special discount coupon code of your favorite brand.

Adopting a new strategy is easy, simply spread out your offers at random times, means don’t wait for any special occasion. As it keeps your company or brand always in the minds of buyers and gives them a reason to unsubscribe from your mobile marketing list database.

  1. Customized it

Personalization is especially best for that business organization who offers a wide range of products and services. Being a business owner or marketer you should pay attention towards on customer recent purchased and the kinds of goods they’re likely to be interested. A complete database of interested customers with buying behavior, likes, budget, preferable product range etc would extremely helpful if maintained.

For example: Supermarkets usually provide different segments of goods like personal care, clothing, home appliances, kids accessories, kitchen appliances should aim to send out messages of those items in which a client has the most recent purchases. By doing this, you can grab the attention of each and every individual customer and always respect their privacy by not sharing irrelevant SMS offers on their mobile phone.

  1. Compelling VIP Offers

While offering various discount codes is not enough to them to engage with your company, discount coupons coupled with compelling free service like Get mocktail free by using code ‘’Free50’’ is a recipe for success.

  1. Do a weekly tip

This superb strategy includes a combination of bulk SMS marketing and content marketing. Content marketing is an inbound strategy that focuses more on providing an audience a free value to get them to know, like and trust you. After rewarding them with much value, they are likely to choose your service more than the competitor.

Afterward, start sending a weekly tip to people who’ve opt-in for your text messages notification service. Always give them tip related to your industry and must be helpful.

I hope you will find these above-given SMS marketing tips helpful for fostering client’s relationship stronger than ever. Many of the experts said that customers are the key to success without customers your business is non-profitable. Moreover, turning out your customers into regular ones is the success mantra of any business.

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